Jump-starting applications for services and grants

Application forms are tricky things. The service provider needs to know that the applicant meets the criteria, so accurate information is essential. If it’s wrong or incomplete, the application is stalled. It takes staff time and effort to get it back on track.

Applicants usually hate application forms. They’re difficult to understand, they use technical terms and they ask about things that aren’t relevant. Many clients rely on follow-up contact to resolve barely-understood questions.

Friendly Forms is different. For 30 years we’ve been providing grants and benefit systems to local authorities, financial institutions and leading charities. Our intelligent solutions remove stress and tedium for applicants and staff. Our questionnaires ensure that the captured information is accurate and complete. Our systems translate the acquired data into the structure and format of the outputs you require. The result is a rapidly-implemented, right-first-time application service which is quick and easy for clients and staff.

Application through conversation

Using everyday language and clear answer choices, Friendly Forms facilitates a relaxed dialogue between the provider and the applicant. Questions follow the natural order of conversation. They’re succinct, thorough and complete, unfailingly relevant to each particular application and applicant. The comfortable, clear format makes it easy to capture .everything the service provider needs to know: no omissions, no repeats, no irrelevant questions.

Online, face-to-face, by phone or by mail

Friendly Forms creates intelligent solutions which use the best available platforms for each part of the job. Data from one platform can be used seamlessly on any other. For instance, applicants can complete the qualifying financial test on-line as a digital self-assessment. The data populates the full application questionnaire, with remaining questions being put face-to-face, by phone with staff or by post. Whatever the platform, our systems deal in real time with complex calculations or qualitative circumstances.

Rapid delivery for on-line components

Speed in implementing new grants and services is often of utmost importance but the construction of on-line application systems is frequently protracted. We have developed a unique methodology which greatly accelerates the creation of bespoke questionnaires and complex calculations. It enables us to rapidly build on-line systems which meet your precise requirements.

How is Friendly Forms different?

Experienced and dedicated

Our business is to design, deliver and support application systems for grants and services. We’ve been providing organisations with application software for complex circumstances and calculations since 2008.

Complete, concise and conversational

Our technical and analytical skills facilitate the capture of information you need through conversation-style questionnaires. They are succinct and questions are reliably relevant, encouraging the applicant to respond accurately and completely.

Digital self-service

Our On-Line systems provide highly secure digital self-service solutions accessed from your website. Our unique methodology enables on-line to be built rapidly, routinely deal with complex calculations and be readily amended should circumstances change.

Multiple platforms

We create solutions which use the most appropriate platforms for the task. All our systems, On-Line, tablet and PC systems work seamlessly with each other.