iQGrants Wizard: assessment & forms

iQGrants Wizard is a flexible and complete solution for the DFG financial assessment. It’s quick and easy, enabling the user to deal confidently with complex or unusual circumstances. It can directly import data from our On-Line App so that staff can verify and add to the initial assessment. And your edition of our software will cover, expertly, exactly what you decide. If your Council counts Council Tax Reduction as exempting from the means test, then your version of the software will show that.

The Wizard can go beyond the assessment to prepare and populate all of the documentation required for the application

A conversation supported by expertise

Wizard’s intelligent questionnaire is conversational and uses ordinary language, not technical terms. It’s relaxed, thorough and complete. And it’s efficient, completing the assessment concisely and in one go - no omissions, no repeats, no irrelevant questions.

Users can concentrate on the client, aware that expertise is on-hand when they need it. Questions and answers are clear and unambiguous. Navigation is intuitive and flexible, so the user can work closely with the client. It’s easy to make notes and bookmarks within the system without interrupting the conversation. Our Help Me Decide Q&A pop-up provides expert help with unfamiliar client circumstances. Everything’s in the system, so there’s no need for a help-line to finish the job.

Populating your DFG Application form

The Wizard solution needn’t stop at calculating the financial assessment. It can supplement the information from the assessment to populate a “smart” digital application form. We can use your preferred application form. Or we can customise our own form to use your content with your contact information, your logo and other badging aspects.

Either way, the applicant doesn’t need to repeat the information they’ve submitted for the initial assessment. Completing the rest of application form is quicker - and much less daunting - because it comprises only those elements which are relevant to this particular client. Far less stressful, far quicker for everyone.

How is Friendly Forms different?

Clear Questions for clear answers

Questions are straightforward with a conversational question flow.  Pop-up Q&As assist the user to deal confidently with unfamiliar or complex circumstances.

Working questionnaires

It's easy to take notes, set reminders and navigate whilst using the system, and to email the results from within the system.

Versatile and complete

The Wizard’s on-the-spot options enable the user to personalise each case with details such as names and contact details, or to deal simply with the bare bones of the means test.  Either way, the Wizard captures all the information required for a full assessment

Smart application forms

The Wizard can use the assessment data and supplementary information to populate a smart application form – customise ours or use your existing design – ready for the non-financial aspects to be completed

Tailored to your requirements

Questionnaires are tailored to your organisation’s criteria and requirements

Transferable information

A single click will import the data from the On-Line App to populate the Wizard’s Test of Resources, ready for checking and validation.

Innovative systems for service applications

Friendly Forms solutions cover every aspect of the application process, from initial enquiry to the full documentation. They are tailored to your requirements to streamline your operations.



Our Online DFG Test of Resources is accessed from your website and uses your Council’s grant criteria, logo and styling. It welcomes the client with your message,. calculates the contribution and gives users your advice about additional help and what to do next. And it downloads the data to our other solutions.


DFG & other grants: assess & apply

iQGrants Pro undertakes the whole of the DFG calculation and application process. The Premier system includes your Discretionary Grants. For both, a conversational questionnaire establishes the DFG contribution, captures all the information for the applications, acquires signatures and presents the data in a digitised version of your application forms.


DFG Calculator
& Smart Forms

The Wizard's conversational questionnaire makes the DFG assessment quick and straightforward, yet deals routinely with complicated client circumstances. It calculates the contribution, provides a smart form for the Preliminary Enquiry and uses the data to populate an "intelligent" application form.