Digital application software for DFGs and other grants

iQGrants Pro, our well-established system for home and telephone interviews, enables the whole DFG application – means-test, full application form and certification – to be done in a single engagement. Tailored to the requirements of your Council, it will use your criteria in the assessment, complete your application form and capture signatures. It can directly import data from our On-Line App. It’s straightforward in use and notably efficient with staff time.

Our Premier system goes beyond DFGs: it integrates your Council’s other grants and services into a single integrated system. From a standing start, the whole of the DFG application and the full package of support agreed for each client can be finalised in a single signed application.

Full digital DFG documentation custom-made for your Council

The requirements for a full DFG application can be complex and diverse, and its completion time-consuming. We collaborated with our customers to make the process easier, more assured and more efficient.

iQGrants Pro deals with the assessment and documentation of DFGs concisely and in one go – no omissions, no repeats, no irrelevant questions. It captures all the information your Council needs, and incorporates your policy – for instance, whether CTR is a passporting benefit and how the authority treats certain military benefits. It will use your Council’s terminology for the Declaration and Certificates, it will populate your application form and it will put all of the documentation in a digital form ready for storage.

Integrated digital applications for all your Housing Grants

DFGs are only one strand in the assistance given to people needing adaptations and support. iQGrants Premier can assist your team to streamline applications for all of your Council’s Housing Grants and additional services. It can capture all the information required for multiple grants, including DFGs, in a single structured questionnaire. And then it can complete all the relevant forms ready for signature. We can even arrange for applications for multiple grants to use a single signature

This capability means that once the information is acquired, it need never be repeated. All the relevant support which the Council can provide can be assessed, documented, signed for and ready for implementation in a single day. Starting with the Friendly Forms On-Line App, if you wish.

How is Friendly Forms different?

  • A single solution for Housing Grants

    Intuitive, expert, efficient software to manage the whole of the DFG and other grants assessment and documentation.

  • Tailored to your requirements

    Questionnaires are tailored to your requirements, including your other Housing Grants, and uses your terminology for declarations and agreements.

  • Transferable information

    A single click will import the data from the On-Line App to populate iQGrants’ Test of Resources, ready for checking and validation.

  • Clear questions for clear answers

    Questions are straightforward with a conversational question flow. Pop-up Q&As assist the user to deal confidently with unfamiliar or complex circumstances.

  • Right first time

    Configured to enable staff to concentrate on the client, face-to-face or by phone, iQGrants Pro captures all the information for a full application in a single sitting.

  • Working questionnaires

    It's easy to take notes, set reminders, and email the results, all from within the system.

Innovative systems for service applications

Friendly Forms solutions cover every aspect of the application process, from initial enquiry to the full documentation. They are tailored to your requirements to streamline your operations.



Our Online DFG Test of Resources is accessed from your website and uses your Council’s grant criteria, logo and styling. It welcomes the client with your message,. calculates the contribution and gives users your advice about additional help and what to do next. And it downloads the data to our other solutions.


DFG & other grants: assess & apply

iQGrants Pro undertakes the whole of the DFG calculation and application process. The Premier system includes your Discretionary Grants. For both, a conversational questionnaire establishes the DFG contribution, captures all the information for the applications, acquires signatures and presents the data in a digitised version of your application forms.


DFG Calculator
& Smart Forms

The Wizard's conversational questionnaire makes the DFG assessment quick and straightforward, yet deals routinely with complicated client circumstances. It calculates the contribution, provides a smart form for the Preliminary Enquiry and uses the data to populate an "intelligent" application form.