Your Council’s online system is here!

For 30 years, we have been working with local authorities to make DFG applications quicker, easier and more efficient. Now, at their request, we have created a fully-calculating on-line assessment. Your client gets your Council’s welcome, a complete DFG means-test using your Council’s criteria and a document with your detailed advice along with the results. Your team gets a dedicated email with all the data they need to get the grant moving.

Friendly Forms Online App is unequalled as a stand-alone. It is ground-breaking in conjunction with our digital solutions for DFGs and other Housing Grants. Together, they take care of the assessment, documentation and certification. Much more than a calculator, the Online App gets every application off to a flying start.

Software for DFGs and other Housing Grants

Online, face-to-face, by phone or by mail – Friendly Forms solutions streamline the management of DFGs. They are flexible, tailored to fit your specific needs and your criteria. They can cover the whole of the application process or just the means-test: they will directly import data from our On-Line App. They can complete your council’s application form and capture signatures. They can cover other assistance, such as Discretionary Grants, in a single questionnaire.

Our systems combine simplicity in presentation with accuracy and thoroughness. They do not require specialist knowledge, so there’s no need for prior training. The expertise is in the package, so that staff can concentrate on the client.

Application through conversation

The DFG application can be lengthy and complicated. Getting the information you need can be demanding for the client and take a significant amount of staff time and expertise.

Friendly Forms systems make it easy for both clients and staff. Questions follow the natural order of conversation. They’re efficient, dealing only with what’s relevant to each client. They’re thorough, covering everything you need to know. They’re personalised, using the names of the participants. And they incorporate your criteria and your local variations.

The conversation doesn’t have to stop with the means-test. We offer the same Friendly Forms approach to complete the whole of the documentation – for DFGs and beyond..


Online Application

Our Online Test of Resources is easy to use, complete and accurate.  It’s accessed from your website and it uses your logo, styling and welcome message.  It calculates the contribution and gives users your advice about additional help and what to do next.



DFG & other grants:
assess & apply

The iQGrants Pro system undertakes the whole of the DFG calculation and application process.  A conversational questionnaire establishes the contribution, completes the full application form and certification, captures signatures and presents the data in a digitised version of your application form


Calculator & Smart Forms

The iQGrants Wizard’s conversational questionnaire makes the Test of Resources quick and straightforward, yet deals routinely with complicated client circumstances.  It calculates the contribution, provides a smart form for the Preliminary Enquiry and uses the data to populate an “intelligent” application form.